Cümle Frase

Cümle Frase is the name of the Portuguese Language Poetry Monthly Page created NOW, in Ankara and Izmir, Turkey.

The goal: give voice to the new, "the newest", poetry in portuguese language on the streets of Ankara and Izmir - bring poetry to the the street, cafes, bars, everywhere.

Each month one poet... and the poems and their translation to turkish, on the page, on the reader's hand.

The idea:in 3 years time put together all the "pages" e transform them into a book - the first antology of the new portuguese poetry in Turkey.

For now the YES of some poets for 2009: Catarina Nunes de Almeida, Hugo Milhanas Machado, Valter Hugo Mãe, Rui Alberto, M. Tiago Paixão, José Luis Peixoto, José Rui Teixeira

with the support of:
Leitorado de Língua e Cultura Portuguesa de Ankara - Instituto Camões

Cooperativa Literária

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